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I am Sümer Sayin Kaden, the creator of Haki Ceramics, a visual artist and a mom. I studied art and worked with a variety of materials for many years, but started my journey with clay about two years ago. Ceramics made me realize how much I like to create and form directly with my hands and turned quickly into a passion. Now I am happy that my designs find other homes and loving owners.

I throw my pieces on the potter's wheel and all the glazes I use are food-safe. Most of them are self-mixed from glaze recipes in trusted books, and a few are commercial glazes. I use stoneware clay that I fire to high temperatures, so my pots are dishwasher and microwave safe. Non-industrial pottery production is a relatively long process with a lot of handcraft and many steps, so it is no wonder the prices are not comparable to mass produced ceramics. Recycling clay, wedging, throwing on the wheel, trimming the bottoms, adding handles or holes, drying slowly, bisque firing, sanding, mixing glaze, testing glaze, applying glaze, and then firing again to see the final result... But it is guaranteed you will enjoy the piece every time you hold it and your food/coffee/tea will taste better!

About the name: "Haki" means "khaki" in Turkish, which translates as the color of earth. I chose it because of its connection of it with clay, and I also like the simplicity and the elegance of the word.

Thank you for reading!

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